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Roofing & Cladding Materials

We source the highest quality materials from New Zealand and internationally to offer unique products that are able to withstand the Kiwi climate

Our cladding and roofing systems are manufactured from zinc, copper, aluminium and steel; we uphold quality standards and ensure responsible procurement of construction materials from producers who can demonstrate their credentials. This means care for people and the environment at every step.

Precision is achieved using contemporary CNC technology. Our cladding and roofing systems are lightweight, adaptable and use high-quality metals. These unique modern materials are built for function and form; they are beautiful and robust. Smart design and high-quality craftsmanship ensure a stunning and eye-catching finish.

Our materials offer an exceptional finish that will last a lifetime.


DHP 122 half hard copper

Copper is one of the longest-lasting, hardest-wearing roofing materials.

Copper naturally oxidizes over time, causing the red colour to progressively deepen, acquiring a distinctive light blue or green patina. Copper is a classic, high quality roofing and cladding material.

  • Natural oxidisation forms a protective coating, maintaining the integrity of the copper
  • Flexibility makes irregular or curved roof shapes possible
  • Highly durable – copper can last for well over 100 years
  • Recyclable – 50% of copper comes from recycled sources
  • Small environmental footprint
  • Pre-weathered finishes available

We work with copper from: Aurubis & KME


Pre-coated 0.7mm, 0.8mm

Aluminium is a master material for coastal climates for a corrosion-free finish.

It is also the ideal material for architects and designers to explore colours and unique finishes. Consistency across batches and coil-coated aluminium offer a robust yet creative end look.

  • Cost savings compared to other coating processes
  • Uniform quality and exterior durability
  • Large range of colours to match other elements
  • Can be custom coloured as required
  • Can be shaped to any design
  • The most ‘green’ and efficient coating process
  • Material weight is low and therefore it is easy to transport
  • Up to 30-year coating warranty

We work with aluminium from: Prefa, Euramax, Elval & Alumiguard


Pure zinc

Zinc is an ideal material for external roofing or cladding.

It’s malleable and flexible, and its corrosion-resistant natural properties make it an ideal, low-maintenance surface for external finishes. Zinc weathers over time from a high shine to a beautifully textured matt-grey patina; this unique colouring offers a distinctive finish. Architects love designing with zinc because it offers beautiful colouring and adaptability made for aesthetics.

  • A natural material
  • Blue/grey patina forms over time
  • Durable, with low to no maintenance
  • Low carbon footprint at manufacture
  • 100% recyclable and no plastic film
  • Easy to profile and form
  • Sealant-free roofs are achievable
  • Variety of applications to roof, façade, roof drainage and architectural detail
  • Pre-weathered finishes available

We work with zinc products from: VM Zinc, Rheinzink, NedZinc & ElZinc


Pre-coated .55mm

Steel makes for a cost-effective, highly adaptable, quality finish.

Manufactured in New Zealand, steel is a material suitable for the NZ climate; it is strong, cost-effective and low maintenance. Advanced manufacturing methods and innovative paint processes ensure a high quality product, built to last.

  • The most cost-effective metal available
  • Raw material is manufactured in New Zealand
  • Extensive choice of colours available
  • High reflectivity enhances energy efficiency
  • Durable and weather-resistant to sun, rain, snow, wind
  • Low maintenance

We work with pre-coated steel products from: Colorsteel from NZ Steel and Colorcote from Pacific Coil Coaters


Natural slate has been used as a roofing product for hundreds of years and is one of the most robust and hard-wearing roof products ever.

Not only is it extremely durable, it has stood the test of time aesthetically. There are hundreds of slate quarries around the world and each one produces slate of a different colour, type and quality. Our slate of the highest quality and is sourced from Wales, Canada and Spain.

  • Unaffected by extremes in temperatures
  • Fire resistant
  • Naturally waterproof
  • Energy efficient – high quality slate is very dense
  • Low maintenance
  • Attractive and combines beautifully with traditional and modern materials
  • Minimum impact on the environment

We work with slate products from: Penrhyn, CWT Bugial, Glendyne, Cupa Pizzaras


Everyone knows that lead is the most effective material for flashings but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Lead is one of the building industries most versatile products. When used in roofing or cladding lead can be anything from simple to complex and is an ideal product when you don’t want to be limited by a material’s innate qualities.

  • Very malleable – it will do whatever your imagination wants of it!
  • Highly durable – can last for more than 500 years
  • Sustainable and 100% recyclable
  • Highly resistant to corrosion
  • Ideal sound barrier due to its high density
  • Energy efficient

Due to the unique properties of lead very few craftsman in NZ are able to work with this material.

We work with lead products from: English Lead

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