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Our People

We are focused on delivering high-quality workmanship and take the utmost pride in our delivery. We bring people onto the team who are likeminded and appreciate this approach.

Bruce Gibson

Bruce is from a rural background and is a farmer at heart. He grew up with a unique connection to the land and formalised this by studying agriculture at Lincoln University. Farm studies, time spent travelling the world, then returning to NZ to work in a spouting franchise, paved the way for his work in architectural roofing.

Bruce, along with two partners, founded The Architectural Roofing Company(TARC) in Christchurch in 2005. This business grew exponentially, requiring Bruce to move southwards to Lake Hawea to manage the growing demand. The expansion created the logical opportunity to build a brand specific to the area. Together with Benjamin Porte, Bruce set up a TARC Southern in 2017 and rebranded to Architectural Envelopes in 2020.

Bruce has built strong relationships with suppliers, architects and builders in the southern region. His work with the company is focused on business development, financial management, sales and marketing. He also manages quotes, construction quotes and project management. Together with Ben he manages a team of highly skilled and passionate craftsman.

Bruce, like most people who live near the Southern Lakes, enjoys time in the outdoors, simple family time, hiking, boating, skiing, travel, nice food and friends in the local community of Hawea.

Bruce is passionate about delivering a high-quality experience for his customers. He enjoys the variety of work, working with a highly skilled team and knowing he has built some iconic landmarks that will stand over 100 years or more.

Ben Porte

Ben is a true master of his craft. He is an artisan who began his career at the Association Ouvrière des Compagnons du Devoirs du Tour de France school in France, training in both modern and ancient techniques of roofing. His education was built on generations of knowledge and taught traditionally; the students were moved through a series of historic and contemporary buildings every six months for 3 years.

During these years he spent a year in NZ and 2 years in the French Congo, where he worked as the foreman, managing 145 staff reroofing the Basilica in Brazzaville in the Republic of Congo. This stunning building demonstrates the high level of skill, attention to detail and craftsmanship Ben has achieved. In total he completed 9 number of years training in this specialised artform.

He returned to New Zealand one week before the Christchurch earthquake and then spent the next 6 years helping to rebuild the city. He worked alongside Bruce at The Architectural Roofing Company (TARC), where the specialised work suited his niche skill set. He moved to Central Otago, built TARC Southern in 2018 and rebranded to Architectural Envelopes in 2020.

Ben enjoys spending time in the outdoors. His perfectionist nature is well suited to his pursuits, which include paragliding and skiing. He loves spending time in nature hiking, working in a team, and mastering new things.

For Ben roofing is not what he does, it who he is. It is in his blood, it is a passion and Architectural Envelopes provides the perfect outlet for his creativity, ingenuity and meticulous nature. He has found his home in Central Otago and his family in the Architectural Envelopes crew.

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